Sunday, June 29, 2008

Robot Week still has a few openings available!
for registration materials for this week
and many others!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Saturday, August 16th 9:00-1:00
High School- Adult
Cost $65.00 + materials fee $25.00

Design a unique cuff bracelet and/or necklace using sterling silver,
copper, or brass. Apply decorative surface techniques and embellishments
by roller embossing a graphic design, pattern, or texture.  Enhance your
necklace by adding a cluster of Swarovski crystals.
All tools and equipment will be provided by the instructor.

Check out more of Stephanie's work at:

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The ArtRoom is offering a variety of programs this summer!
Here is a look at what is coming up soon!
A complete list of our programs and registration materials are available on our website. 
Hurry! Classes are filling up quickly!

Cartoon Week
(ages 10 & up)
Create comics like a PRO! Learn the step by step process of making a polished and professional comic book.
Create backgrounds, develop character, style and technique.  
All supplies are included.

Marionette Week
(ages 6 & up)
Children will sketch and design their original puppet and bring it to life using papier-maché,
fabric and wood. 
All supplies are included.  

Art Fun Week
(ages 4 & up)
Children will design and create marble mazes, tic tac toe games, pinwheels, and more!
Students will explore painting and color mixing while creating original hand-crafted pieces of ART!
This week promises lots of hands on FUN! 
All supplies are included.

Mix Media Week
(ages 10 & up)
Children will be using a variety of mediums including paint, wax, and collage to create
one-of-a-kind pieces of art!
All supplies are included.

Painting Week
(ages 10 & up)
Children will explore a variety of painting techniques using watercolor and acrylic paints.
Students will have the opportunity to view and discuss works of art by well-known artists.  
Each student will complete the week with their own original painting.  
All supplies are included.

Drawing Week
(ages 10 & up)
Children learn to draw what they see by understanding size, distance, and spacial relationships.  
Students will work in a variety of mediums including pencil, charcoal, and conte crayon.
All supplies are included.


Sculpture Week
(ages 4 & up)
Children will explore sculpture with clay, plaster, wire, and more!
All Supplies are included.

Robot Sculpture Week
(ages 6 & up)
Children will build and create a robot sculpture using recycled materials.
Lots of fun and VERY imaginative!

Papier Maché Animals
(ages 8 and up)
Children will learn the basics of shape and form while they create an animal
sculpture of their choice.
All supplies are included.

Printmaking Week
(ages 10 & up)
We will explore the world of Pop Art and create multi-color linoleum block prints
inspired by the work of Andy Warhol.
All supplies are included.

Private Drawing or Painting Classes
(available for ages 8 & up)
Particular area of study can be guided by the interests of the young artist.
Please contact the ArtRoom for dates and times available.