Saturday, June 14, 2008

The ArtRoom is offering a variety of programs this summer!
Here is a look at what is coming up soon!
A complete list of our programs and registration materials are available on our website. 
Hurry! Classes are filling up quickly!

Cartoon Week
(ages 10 & up)
Create comics like a PRO! Learn the step by step process of making a polished and professional comic book.
Create backgrounds, develop character, style and technique.  
All supplies are included.

Marionette Week
(ages 6 & up)
Children will sketch and design their original puppet and bring it to life using papier-maché,
fabric and wood. 
All supplies are included.  

Art Fun Week
(ages 4 & up)
Children will design and create marble mazes, tic tac toe games, pinwheels, and more!
Students will explore painting and color mixing while creating original hand-crafted pieces of ART!
This week promises lots of hands on FUN! 
All supplies are included.

Mix Media Week
(ages 10 & up)
Children will be using a variety of mediums including paint, wax, and collage to create
one-of-a-kind pieces of art!
All supplies are included.

Painting Week
(ages 10 & up)
Children will explore a variety of painting techniques using watercolor and acrylic paints.
Students will have the opportunity to view and discuss works of art by well-known artists.  
Each student will complete the week with their own original painting.  
All supplies are included.

Drawing Week
(ages 10 & up)
Children learn to draw what they see by understanding size, distance, and spacial relationships.  
Students will work in a variety of mediums including pencil, charcoal, and conte crayon.
All supplies are included.


Sculpture Week
(ages 4 & up)
Children will explore sculpture with clay, plaster, wire, and more!
All Supplies are included.

Robot Sculpture Week
(ages 6 & up)
Children will build and create a robot sculpture using recycled materials.
Lots of fun and VERY imaginative!

Papier Maché Animals
(ages 8 and up)
Children will learn the basics of shape and form while they create an animal
sculpture of their choice.
All supplies are included.

Printmaking Week
(ages 10 & up)
We will explore the world of Pop Art and create multi-color linoleum block prints
inspired by the work of Andy Warhol.
All supplies are included.

Private Drawing or Painting Classes
(available for ages 8 & up)
Particular area of study can be guided by the interests of the young artist.
Please contact the ArtRoom for dates and times available.


Anonymous said...

Site looks super.
Alec and Danielle are asking "when we gonna go back to da Art class mom?
Will try to get them in this summer - if not, sign them up for the fist class in the fall.
Terri Lee

Anonymous said...

Well done Sandy! Did you create this website yourself - your talents are endless.

Leslie LeVan

Anonymous said...

Ohh the marrienate with rope hair is spectacular! Who is that amazing artist?