Thursday, June 18, 2009

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Art Fun Week 
(ages 4 & up)
August 17th - August 21st 
9:30 -12:00
Children will explore painting and color mixing while creating original handcrafted pieces of ART!  
This week promises lots of hands on FUN!
All supplies included.

Robot Sculptures
(ages 6 & up)
July 20th -July 24th 
9:30-12:00 or 1:00 -3:30
Children will build and create a robot sculpture using recycled materials. Lots of fun and VERY IMAGINATIVE!
All supplies included.

Drawing and Painting Animals
(ages 8 & up)
August 3rd - August 7th
9:30 -12:00
Children will learn to draw and paint their favorite animals using reference. We will explore drawing a variety of poses to illustrate movement. Our young artists will have the opportunity to draw from life with live animals in the studio!
All supplies included.

Mixed Media Week
(ages 10 & up)
August 24th -August 28th
9:30 -12:00
Students will be using a variety of mediums including paint, wax, collage and more to create original pieces of art. Experimenting and exploring with all materials will be encouraged.
All supplies included.

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