Friday, July 23, 2010

FOR AGES 6 and UP!
What a great week with talented young artists!

We started the week with Peach, a Rhode Island Red!
She is one proud chicken!
Check out these drawings!

Meet Bauer!
On Tuesday we painted in acrylic on masonite board.
Her playful personality made her a
perfect model for this class!

Lola modeled on Wednesday.
She enjoyed hay, apples and carrots and looked at every drawing the kids did.
She seemed very pleased with the work!

Thursday, Oliver, a very handsome yellow lab,
was our guest.
He loved working with the children!

On Friday, Henry was our model. No problem holding poses here...

Drawing and Painting Animals Class - Summer 2010!

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Anonymous said...

love the apple shots, great paintings with such freedom, inspiring!